Onuțu Lohengrin

Director of Project Review and Technical Experts Department

Years at DBC:

2 Years

Years in the Industry:

20 Years

We are pleased to announce that Onuțu Lohengrin will be joining DBC as the Director of Project Review and Technical Experts Department. With his extensive education and expertise in the construction industry, we are confident that he will be a valuable addition to our team.

Onuțu Lohengrin has a strong educational background in architecture and engineering. He holds a PhD in Architecture, as well as a Master’s degree in Building Services Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. In addition to his formal education, he has also completed numerous certifications and training programs related to various aspects of construction, such as fire safety, mechanical and electrical installations, and risk assessment.

Onuțu Lohengrin brings over 20 years of experience in the construction industry to his new role at DBC. He has worked as a project manager, architect, and technical expert, and has been involved in the design and construction of a wide range of buildings, from residential to commercial and industrial. He has extensive expertise in fire safety and risk assessment, and has served as a verificator for a variety of systems, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and gas installations. He has also designed and implemented numerous security systems, including smoke extraction and pressurization, fire detection and signaling, and fire suppression.

At DBC, Onuțu Lohengrin will be responsible for overseeing the Project Review and Technical Experts Department, which provides a range of services to clients in the construction industry. These services include project review, technical consulting, risk assessment, and quality control. Onuțu Lohengrin will bring his extensive expertise and experience to this role, helping to ensure that DBC’s clients receive the highest quality of service and support. We are excited to have Onuțu Lohengrin join our team and look forward to his contributions to our continued success.