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Who We Are

As a leading architecture and engineering firm, DBC is constantly pushing the boundaries of what our clients expect from us.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality and innovative architectural and engineering services.

Core Values

Innovation, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork, Sustainability, Customer-centric.


At DBC, we provide clear insight and organization for successful projects.

Our sectors


At DBC, we provide extensive construction expertise, competitive rates, financial stability, honesty, and a pledge to your project rooted in safety and quality.

Civil Infrastructure

Civil infrastructure demands exceptional construction expertise due to the geographical diversity, project complexity, and public nature of the work.

Heavy Industrial

DBC's industrial construction firms cater to the specific requirements of clients in the renewable energy, power, mining, pulp and paper, and oil and gas sectors.

Our way


DESIGN AND BUILD CORPORATION S.A. is the first and largest construction design consortium in Romania.


Exceptional Construction Services and Insight from the Beginning

Building for the best.

To innovate and explore new construction methods, we have assembled a team of experts, fostered innovation, and formed strategic partnerships to anticipate and overcome emerging challenges.


Project in various industries


Architects and engineers


With nearly 15 years in business


Putting Safety First: A Culture of Caring

At DBC, we prioritize building a strong sense of community among our employees and trade partners. We believe in fostering strong relationships through teamwork and collaboration, rather than just following strict processes and checklists. Our goal is to create a sense of belonging and unity among everyone involved in a project.


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Our people are solution-seekers. Their dedication leads to great stories.


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